Graduate School Application Deadlines

Deadlines for admissions purposes are the dates at which time the application file should be complete and materials received in Graduate Admissions and the academic departments. Applicants are responsible for completing a timely application. The Graduate School is not responsible for delays caused by postal or courier services.

Admissions decisions will be made only on complete files.

Consider three sets of deadlines in filing a timely application:

  • Departmental deadlines for admission and consideration for assistantship from departmental sources of funding
    Deadline: Applicants must contact the academic departments. If departmental deadlines are earlier than February 15, applicants should have all materials submitted to the graduate school and complete at least 6 weeks before the departmental deadline.
  • Graduate School deadline for applicants seeking assistantship consideration through Graduate School funding and competition
    Deadline: All general application admission materials must be received in the Office of Graduate Admissions by January 1. Applicants must be admitted as prospective degree candidates by February 15.
  • Graduate School deadline for applicants not seeking assistantships and for those whose academic departments do not have earlier deadlines. Applications for admission and all supporting documents must be received in the Graduate School Office by the following deadlines:
Domestic Applicants
Fall Semester July 1
Spring Semester November 15
May and Extended Summer Session April 1
Summer Semester May 1
International Applicants
Fall Semester April 15
Spring Semester October 15
Summer Semester February 15

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