Graduate School Divisions

The Graduate School
279 Williams Street
The University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602-1777

Office of Graduate Admissions
279 Williams Street
The University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602-1777


Office of the Dean

Interim Dean Dr. Julie Coffield 706/425-3215
Assistant Dean Vacant    
Assistant Dean Ms. Judy Milton 706/425-2953


Graduate School Admissions

Senior Director Cheri Bliss 706/425-3037

Graduate Admissions in the Graduate School works collaboratively with academic departments to assist prospective students in applying for admission to graduate study. Upon initial review of a new application, Graduate Admissions provides a web-link to each applicant who can then monitor the status of his or her own application and materials that have been received. To request admissions materials, click on Request Information.  If you have submitted an application for admission and have questions about Graduate School admissions requirements, send an email request to or call (706) 542-1739. If you have submitted an application for admission and have questions about supplemental requirements of the academic department, please call or e-mail the academic department contact as listed on the Department Contacts page. Note to applicants: Our primary communication with you is by email and we plan to keep in close contact. It is very important that you put UGA email domain names on your internet provider’s Safe List, so our messages reach you

Graduate School Business Office

Senior Director Tonia Austin-Brown 706/425-3027

The Graduate School Business Office oversees the administration of graduate assistantships campus wide and disperses Graduate School funded assistantship funds and other financial awards. This office assesses tuition for graduate assistants, monitors their enrollment, and handles related problems. The office also administers the Graduate School assistantship programs, various fellowships, and student travel funds for doctoral students. Questions may be directed to

Enrolled Student Services

Senior Director Cheri Bliss 706/425-3111

This division maintains files of all graduate students who have been fully admitted and have enrolled for their first semester. For questions about registration flags, drop/add, degree objective changes, grade changes, probation/dismissal, and letters of good standing, contact or 706/425-3111. For questions about graduation, advisory committee, program of study, admission to candidacy, transfer of credit, announcements for oral comprehensive exams or final defense of the dissertation, format check of electronic thesis or dissertation, contact or 706/425-3111.

Outreach and Diversity

Director Vacant

The Graduate School aims to promote excellence in graduate education by recruiting top students to The University of Georgia. While striving to increase overall enrollment, the Graduate School also seeks to promote diversity by encouraging enrollment of students from historically underrepresented groups and qualified programs abroad. Every effort is made to facilitate a smooth transition for new students through their graduation as well as heighten the graduate experience of all students. The Graduate School sponsors academic, social, and professional programs and activities, and serves as an advocate for students and faculty. We encourage students to utilize our resources at some point during their academic and professional career. Our office is always prepared to assist you with your endeavors.

Development Office

Director Dr. Thomas Wilfong 706/425-2968

The Development Office for the UGA Graduate School secures financial support for fellowships and other graduate programs from alumni, friends, corporations, and foundations who wish to strengthen and sustain Graduate School goals and initiatives. Current, pledged, and estate gifts to the Graduate School allow masters and doctoral candidates the freedom to study without financial hardship. For more information about gift and naming opportunities at the Graduate School, please call 706/425-2968 or email

Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies

Director Dr. Meredith Welch-Devine 706/425-3049


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