Early Childhood Education (MAT)

The Early Childhood Education Program offers two Masters degrees. The Master of Education degree (MEd) is for individuals who already hold teacher certification. The Master of Arts in Teaching degree program (MAT ECCO) is for individuals who wish to gain initial certification to teach PK-5th grades along with earning a Masters degree. For more information on additional requirements, please visit The Early Childhood Education Program Page.


The Early Childhood Certification Option (ECCO for short) MAT program is designed for college graduates who seek to teach children in pre-kindergarten to fifth grade. Graduates are eligible to apply for certification after coursework, supervised practicum, student teaching, and all appropriate testing is complete. Applicants are required to take the GRE or the MAT exam, fill out the graduate school application and to submit a program application, along with an essay, to the department. The state of Georgia also now requires that all teacher prep candidates either pass the GACE Program Admission Assessment or exempt it (1000 Verbal + Math SAT, 43 English + Math ACT, or 297 Verbal + Quantitative GRE) and have a minimum of a 2.5 gpa (Graduate school GPA minimums are higher) before they can be accepted into programs. Candidates are admitted to ECCO once a year. All application materials are due by February 15. The admissions review process takes place during the spring semester; all admitted candidates must take the initial course, offered weekday evenings during the “Maymester” term.

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