Foods and Nutrition (MS)

Our M.S.Thesis introduces you to research applications for careers in dietetics, clinical nutrition, community nutrition, food industry, government, and basic sciences. Pursue this option if you plan to pursue a doctoral degree and/or are planning a research career.

Graduate students in the thesis option conduct an in-depth research study in one of the department’s specialized program areas in conjunction with supporting coursework. This is the best option if you plan to pursue a doctoral degree or a career in research.


Requirements include a minimum of 30 semester credit hours as follows: at least 24 hours of course work and 6 hours of thesis and related research. Of the 24 hours of course work, a minimum of 12 credit hours must be open only to graduate students. Students are encouraged to take at least 3 credits of 8000 level FDNS courses. In consultation with their Advisory Committee, students with credit in FDNS 4100, Micronutrient Nutrition, or another course in vitamin and mineral nutrition may substitute another graduate level course in FDNS.

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Foods and Nutrition
Dawson Hall
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