Classes of Interest

Graduate students from all disciplines may find the following courses of interest as they begin registering for classes.

Fall 2014

QUAL/ERSH 8575 – Mixed Methods Approaches to Research 
Dr. Jori N. Hall
W, 5:00-7:45pm
This course will address the theory and practice of mixing inquiry methodologies in program evaluation and other forms of applied educational and social science research. The course will cover selected roots of the contemporary interest in mixing methods, various conceptualizations of mixed methods design and analysis, and challenges of mixed methods practice. The course emphasis on practice will feature critiques of samples of empirical work from various disciplines and domains of study.
Students enrolling in this course should have basic familiarity with the conceptual logic and core constructs of experimental or survey (quantitative) social science and of constructivist or interpretivist (qualitative) social science. Familiarity with other frameworks for social science (e.g., critical theory, postmodern perspectives, feminism, action science) is also highly desirable.
Course objectives for students include the following:

  1. Students will develop contextual understanding of the roots of the contemporary interest in mixing methods.
  2. Students will develop an understanding of various conceptual or theoretical frameworks for mixing methods, and the key differences among them.
  3. Students will generate a unique contribution – theoretical, practical or both – to the mixed methods conversation and literature.

Spring 2014

EDHI 9040 – Using Technology in the College Classroom
Dr. Sherry Clouser
T, 2:00-4:45pm
This course is an examination of instructional technology in the college classroom, on campus and online. The purpose of the course is to encourage participants to critically reflect on the use of instructional technologies in their fields and provide them with opportunities to develop skills in employing technology in the classroom. Topics include an overview of current and emerging technologies, how technology may facilitate teaching and learning, incorporating technology into the disciplines, and teaching online. The course is three credit hours and evaluation is S/U.

GRSC 7800 – College Teaching and Student Learning
Dr. Denise Domizi
Thru, 9:30am-12:15pm
This interdisciplinary course focuses on how undergraduates learn. Participants will learn a variety of factors that inuence teaching and learning in an attempt to discover and dene what it means to be an effective college teacher. We will also discuss theory and strategies for helping undergraduates become more engaged in their learning. Students in the course will help determine the topics of the course based on their own interests.

Fall 2013

GRSC 7900 – Integrated Course Design
Dr. Denise Domizi
R, 9:30am-12:15pm
This course will give graduate students a foundation in course design grounded in strong pedagogical theory. Students will design or redesign a course, beginning with their goals for student learning and continuing through feedback, assessment, and teaching and learning activities.

GRSC 8200 – Communicating Science and Scholarship
Anthony Marotta
M, 9:05am-11:00am
This course is designed to help students learn to communicate their research to non-specialist audiences. The course meets ONLY the first 7 weeks of the semester.