Office of Recruitment and Diversity Initiatives

UGA Graduate Students

The University of Georgia Graduate School’s Office of Recruitment and Diversity Initiatives promotes excellence in graduate education by recruiting top students to the University of Georgia. Every effort is made to facilitate a smooth transition for new students through their graduation as well as heighten the graduate experience of all students. Our office is ready to assist you!

While striving to increase overall enrollment, the Graduate School also seeks to promote diversity by encouraging the enrollment of students from historically underrepresented groups. The Graduate School’s definition of underrepresented includes race/ethnicity, gender within discipline, first generation, non-traditional age and/or a self-identified aspect of a uniquely diverse background.  As part of the Graduate School’s overarching recruitment and retention programming, we offer several programs targeted to students from underrepresented backgrounds under the banner of the “Pathways Program”.

Through the Pathways Program, the Graduate School sponsors academic, social, and professional workshops and activities. Nationally, UGA ranks high in the number of degrees awarded to underrepresented students:


Doctoral Degrees

  • 5th in doctoral degrees in health professions & related programs conferred upon students that identify with two or more races
  • 11th in doctoral degrees in psychology conferred upon African Americans students
  • 13th in total number of doctoral degrees conferred upon African American students
  • 15th in total numbers of doctoral degrees in education conferred upon minority students
  • 22nd in total number of doctoral degrees in visual and performing arts conferred upon minority students

Master’s Degrees

  • 14th in master’s degrees in public health conferred upon students that identify with two or more races
  • 23rd in master’s degrees in parks, recreation, leisure, and fitness studies conferred upon African American students
Source: Diverse Issues in Higher Education (2017)

Recruitment & Diversity Initiatives

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