Learning, Leadership, and Organizational Development (EdD)

The mission of the adult education program mirrors the three-fold mission of The University of Georgia – to teach, to research, and to serve. What makes the program’s mission unique is the central idea of adult education–that conscious, systematic, purposeful learning should be a lifelong process for everyone.

Workforce Education (EdD)

The workforce education program promotes career and technical education and workforce preparation throughout the lifespan by advancing the knowledge base of career and technical education and workforce preparation, preparing professionals for the public and private sectors, and providing quality instruction, research, leadership, service, and policy development.

The mission of the program of workforce education is to prepare and develop professional educators in the public and private sector and to advance the knowledge base of career and technical education, workforce preparation, and professional development through teaching, research, and service.


Student Affairs Leadership (EdD)

The part-time, primarily on-line Ed.D. program in Student Affairs Leadership at The University of Georgia is designed to equip current student affairs professionals in the state of Georgia with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to become higher education leaders within their institution and the state. The specific focus of the program is on student learning and development, outcomes research, administrative skills, and program evaluation within the student affairs context.

Degree Awarded: EdD

Degree Code: EDD_SAFL_GRF (Griffin Campus)

The Student Affairs Leadership is one of three doctoral degree programs in the Department of Counseling and Human Development Services of the College of Education. … read more

Science Education (EdD)

Doctoral programs in Science Education are very much individualized, because our doctoral students have a great variety of academic and professional backgrounds and career goals. The Ed.D. is considered a practitioner’s degree with most graduates taking jobs teaching school, in school leadership or state-level policy positions, or teaching science at non-research-oriented colleges. In consultation with a Major Professor and three or four other faculty who form a doctoral committee, the student selects courses and plans a program of other experiences suitable for her or his needs. Previous academic preparation, teaching and research experience, and the program Admission Screening Committee’s recommendations … read more

Music Education (EdD)

This program is currently not accepting applications.

Character Description

The Doctor of Education with a major in music education provides advanced professional training in music pedagogy appropriate for careers in teaching, administration, research, and other educational services.

Degree Description

The Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) with a major in music education is a joint program of the College of Education and the School of Music. The program of study includes music education, music history, music theory, professional education, and research. The objective of the degree is to provide advanced professional training in music pedagogy appropriate for careers in teaching, administration, research, and other … read more

Higher Education Executive (EdD)

The Institute of Higher Education offers the Ph.D., Executive Ed.D., and M.Ed. IHE graduate programs prepare graduate students for positions of leadership in colleges and universities and in other organizations involved in the continuing development of postsecondary education. The programs provide a broad overview of the institutions, policies, practices, personnel, programs, and services of U.S. higher education. By offering various courses, seminars, and other learning opportunities, the programs give a comprehensive view of the constituencies that sponsor, support, and benefit from higher education programs, services, and activities. In particular, the programs are concerned with the overall structure of higher education, … read more

Educational Leadership (EdD)

The Program in Educational Administration and Policy is committed to providing world-class teaching, research, and service related to educational administration and policy for the improvement of learning for all students.

The graduate program in Educational Leadership is a performance-based program of study designed to prepare school and system leaders who can advance the knowledge and practice of PreK-12 educational administration by supporting school and system improvement. This program of study, in partnership with Georgia school districts, develops scholarly practitioners who effectively lead schools and school districts in the 21st century. The doctoral program in Educational Leadership integrates coursework, research, and practice. … read more

Learning, Leadership, and Organizational Development (EdD)

The graduate program prepares individuals interested in working with adults across all age levels and contact areas. Students bring to the program a wealth of varied experiences and interests. Areas of special interest include but are not limited to general continuing education, cooperative extension, human resource development, health, community development, military education, adult basic education, gerontology, mass media, program development, and religious education. Each student works together with faculty to develop a program tailored to meet the needs and objectives of the individual student. Opportunities for internships, practicums and individual study allow students to strengthen the bond between theory and … read more

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