The Graduate School sponsors the Graduate School Teaching Portfolio Program to encourage graduate students to document their teaching experiences at UGA in order to reflect upon and improve their teaching and to be prepared to present their teaching accomplishments on the job market. Many graduate students have found that preparing a teaching portfolio well before they begin their academic job searches has greatly helped them during the application process. Some credit a teaching portfolio for helping them get their jobs!

Students who have taught for at least two semesters at UGA should consider participating in the Teaching Portfolio program.

Every fall and spring semester, the Graduate School considers teaching portfolios for certification. Teaching Portfolios should be professionally presented and must be no longer than twelve single-sided pages, not including the letter of nomination or cover page. Portfolios may be created in paper or digital format. The 12-page limit applies to both formats.

Portfolios can be submitted for review each semester.  The submission deadline for fall semester is the first Friday in September. The spring semester submission deadline is the first Friday in February. Portfolios should be uploaded to the Graduate School’s Online Submission Site.

A submitted portfolio should include a letter of nomination from the faculty mentor and examples/samples of the individual’s work in each the 8 components listed below.

  • Letter of nomination from a faculty member in the department or discipline
  • Teaching philosophy statement
  • Description of courses taught
  • Evaluation of teaching
  • Sample teaching materials
  • Sample of assessment of student work
  • Innovative teaching projects and roles
  • List of professional activities related to teaching (activities you have done which demonstrate your knowledge of and skills related to teaching)
  • List of special training or teaching related experiences (activities you have undertaken to learn about and improve your teaching skills)

Each portfolio should distinctly represent the individual and the discipline, so no two portfolios will be the same.

Additional information about the portfolio is available on the Center for Teaching and Learning website.


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