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Prior to the formal establishment of the Graduate School, courses of postgraduate status were offered under the control of a faculty committee on graduate studies. In 1910, the formal organization of graduate studies into a Graduate School was authorized. Dr. Willis H. Bocock served as the Graduate School’s first dean and was succeeded by R. P. Stephens, George H. Boyd, Gerald B. Huff, Thomas H. Whitehead, Hardy M. Edwards, Jr., John C. Dowling, Gordhan L. Patel, Maureen Grasso, Suzanne Barbour, and Ron Walcott, the current dean and vice provost for graduate education.

The Graduate School coordinates the graduate programs of all schools and colleges of the University. Matters of policy and procedure are determined by the graduate faculty through the graduate council. The graduate faculty consists of faculty members appointed by the President on the basis of productive research, effective teaching, and other creative activities. The policies adopted by the graduate council are administered by the dean of the Graduate School.

The Graduate School administers all graduate programs of the University. It offers the Master of Arts in 35 disciplines, the Master of Science in 51 disciplines and the Doctor of Philosophy in 79 disciplines. Professional master’s degrees are available in 32 areas, and professional doctoral degrees are offered in education, music, and public health. The University also awards the Master of Education in 19 areas, the Specialist in Education in 19 areas and the Doctor of Education in 12 areas.

Graduate School Administration

Dean’s Office
Ron Walcott, Ph.D. Vice Provost for Graduate Education & Dean of the Graduate School
Anne Shaffer, Ph.D. Associate Dean of the Graduate School
Judy Milton, M.Ed. Assistant Dean, Graduate School
Meredith Welch-Devine, Ph.D. Director, Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs; Assistant Dean
Business Services
Tonia Austin-Brown Financial Services Director
Enrolled Student Services & Admissions
Cheri Bliss, M.Ed. Senior Director, Admissions and Student Services

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