Phase I Data

The Strategic Intervention for Doctoral Completion research team will be collecting the four following types of data– Summary Benchmarks, Detailed Completion Data by Program, Program Practices, and Self-assessments.

  • Detailed Completion Data by Program
    The Detailed Completion Data consists of 10 years (1992-2002) of doctoral completion data by Department and by field (i.e., Aggregate data).
  • Summary Benchmarks
    The Summary Benchmarks include completion rate and time-to-degree for each program. Both the 10 year (1992-2002) and 3 year (1992-1995) benchmarks were included.
  • Program Practices Data
    The Program Practices Data includes each participating program’s response to questions about communication with potential doctoral students, admissions, orientation/advisement, and social interactions.
  • Program Self-Assessments
    Each participating program completed a self-assessment that includes their goals relating to increasing doctoral completion.

Phase II Data

Completion Data for UGA Doctoral Programs (UGA ID needed)

This project was made possible by a grant from the Council of Graduate Schools, with generous support from Pfizer Inc., and the Ford Foundation.

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