Dean’s Message

Thank you for your interest in graduate education at the University of Georgia.

Now, more than ever, graduate education plays a crucial role in the economic, intellectual, and cultural vitality of our region and the nation overall. Graduate degree-holders fuel this vitality in their roles as captains of industry, government leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, gifted communicators, and skilled artists/ artisans, among others. Graduate degree recipients tend have a higher standard of living and are generally better prepared to weather economic down-turns than are individuals without graduate degrees. When we invest in graduate students and their education, we invest in our future.

I hope that graduate education at the University of Georgia is in your future. As the state’s flagship institution, UGA has much to offer, including 250+ graduate programs, more than a dozen of which are rated among the top 50 in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. These programs owe their success to a distinguished graduate faculty, state-of-the-art research facilities, and the talented graduate students that they serve. At the University of Georgia, we prepare graduate students to think critically, work creatively, ask probing questions and persevere in their quests for answers, and to emerge as innovative leaders ready to meet the ever-changing challenges of tomorrow. At the same time, we provide our students with the opportunity to develop a broad range of professional skills that enable them to be successful in a variety of career paths, both in academics and beyond. With its beautiful campus, dedicated faculty, world-class facilities, and cutting edge curricula, UGA provides the perfect environment for our graduate students to dream, explore, test, and create as they transform from students into scholars.

Whether you are a prospective or current student, I welcome you to the University of Georgia Graduate School. I look forward to the contributions that you will bring to our institution, our community, the state of Georgia, and our world. If you are a member of our esteemed alumni, I thank you for your continued interested in graduate education and encourage you to stay involved by making a gift to support a fellowship or by serving as a mentor or providing a real world learning experience for a current graduate student. Your investment provides the foundation that allows our graduate students to pursue and achieve greatness.

Innovation, creativity and achievement abound at the Graduate School of the University of Georgia. Give us a call, check us out online, come join us!

Suzanne Barbour