UGA Graduate School NRC contacts:

  • Dr. Maureen Grasso, Dean
  • Dr. Karen Bauer, Director, Office of Institutional Research and NRC project coordinator
  • Dr. David K. Knox, Director of Technological Academic Initiatives, the Graduate School

Members of the advisory committee who will help guide the campus response on the NRC Survey:

  • Dr. Jorge Atiles, Associate Dean, College of Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Dr. Karen Bauer, Director, Institutional Research
  • Dr. Josef Broder, Associate Dean, Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
  • Dr. Kirk Cureton, Professor, Department of Kinesiology
  • Dr. Kathleen DeMarrais, Associate Dean, College of Education
  • Dr. Harry Dickerson, Associate Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Dr. Daniel Feldman, Associate Dean, Terry College of Business
  • Dr. Jeffrey Fisher, Director, Toxicology Program
  • Dr. William Fitt, Professor, College of Environment and Design
  • Dr. George Francisco, Associate Dean, College of Pharmacy
  • Dr. Jerome Legge, Associate Dean, School of Public and International Affairs
  • Dr. David Newman, Associate Dean, Daniel B. Warnell School of Forest Resources
  • Dr. Pamela Orpinas, Professor, College of Public Health
  • Dr. Hugh Ruppersburg, Associate Dean, Franklin College of Arts and Sciences
  • Dr. Jeffrey Springston, Associate Dean, Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication

Graduate School Research Assistants

  • Sungjoo Choi, doctoral candidate, Public Administration & Policy
  • Hui Wang, doctoral candidate, Management Information Systems

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