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Xiaoli Su

Xiaoli SuXiaoli Su hails from China, where she received her LL.M. from Chinese People’s Public Security University in Beijing with a specialization in criminology. After being deeply impressed by the University of Georgia’s strong program in criminology, she decided to join the Sociology Department as a doctoral student. Since arriving at Georgia, Xiaoli Su has been working as a research assistant for the Family and Community Health Study (FACHS) at the Institute for Behavioral Research. In 2009, Xiaoli Su was selected as a recipient of the prestigious Verizon/HopeLine Graduate Fellowship.

Shaped by her experiences growing up in traditional Chinese culture, Xiaoli Su has faith in the central role of family in shaping youth behavior. In her PhD research, she longitudinally tests the role of effective parenting in preventing delinquency prior to early adulthood. She argues that improving parenting practices prepares parents to help their children desist from delinquency and crime. To target parents in need of help, she conducts research identifying subgroups of population that have high risks of ineffective and abusive parenting.

Following graduation Xiaoli Su will pursue an academic career in criminology, studying child abuse prevention and juvenile delinquency. She plans to devote her research to effectively improving quality of parenting among population and to maximizing the role of family in the prevention of both child abuse and delinquency.

Eva “Bonney” Reed-Knight

Eva "Bonney" Reed-KnightBonney is from Habersham County, Georgia, and received her B.S. in Psychology from The University of Georgia in 2007. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at The University of Georgia under the supervision of Dr. Ronald L. Blount. Bonney’s research interests revolve around pediatric or child health psychology. Bonney chose The University of Georgia for her graduate degrees due to the strong opportunities for research and collaboration available. In 2010 Bonney earned her M.S. in Psychology for her study of disease, individual, and familial factors associated with medication nonadherence in youth with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

She intends to continue pediatric health research for her dissertation as well as future research, with particular interest in applying psychological research to improve disease outcomes and quality of life in youth with gastrointestinal disorders. For her dissertation, Bonney intends to examine the association between medication adherence and symptoms of psychological disorders in youth diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, therefore building upon her thesis research.

While a graduate student at UGA, Bonney has successfully obtained grant funding for her research and has earned several awards including a Graduate School Assistantship and the Alfred E. Brown Award. Recently, Bonney was chosen to serve on The Society of Pediatric Psychology’s Student Advisory Board to represent student interests within Division 54 of the American Psychological Association. Following graduation, Bonney plans to pursue a postdoctoral position in pediatric psychology and to develop an independent research career. In her spare time, Bonney enjoys gardening and spending time with her husband and cats.


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