A full-time course load is nine hours per semester during the academic year and six hours during the summer semester. The maximum semester course load for any student is 18 hours per semester. For those students whose degree program officially requires more than 18 hours of credit per semester, the students will be limited to the program maximum. The minimum/maximum course load for which a graduate student may enroll is governed by the following:

Minimum Semester Hours Maximum Semester Hours
  • Students who do not have an assistantship
3 18
  • Graduate Assistants: One-third (.33) time
12 18
  • Graduate Assistants: Four-ninths (.44) time
12 18
  • Graduate Assistants: One-half (.50) time
12 18

To exceed the maximum course load, a student must obtain approval from his/her major professor and the dean of the Graduate School. The department head or the departmental graduate coordinator may sign the overload request in the absence of the student’s major professor.

Generally, a request to exceed the maximum course load will not be approved unless the student satisfies the following guidelines: (1) is a prospective candidate (or candidate) for a graduate degree, (2) has a cumulative graduate average of 3.5 or higher, (3) has no incompletes on his/her graduate record, and (4) is not a first-semester student.

The maximum course load for an eight-week summer thru session is 18 hours. The minimum course load for any summer session is 3 hours. The maximum course load during pre-summer session (Maymester) is 6 hours. For students on an assistantship, the minimum course load during summer sessions is 9 hours. Permission to exceed the maximum load is not granted during summer semester.

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