The objectives of the Graduate Student Pregnancy/Childbirth/Adoption Policy are to:

  1. Affirm UGA’s commitment to supporting women and families, particularly those who experience pregnancy and childbirth or adopt a young child while pursuing a graduate degree.
  2. Provide a policy and procedure for extending time limits regarding graduate coursework, advancement to candidacy, and graduate degree completion for graduate students who temporarily interrupt their graduate study due to pregnancy and childbirth, or who adopt a child under the age of six.
  3. Amend the existing Leave of Absence policy and procedure to provide this academic accommodation for pregnancy, childbirth, and adoption.


This policy provides an academic accommodation for students who request and receive a leave of absence from graduate study due to pregnancy and childbirth and/or adoption of a child under the age of six. Time spent on an approved leave of absence due to pregnancy, childbirth, and/or adoption will not count toward time limits governing their graduate degree. Both the duration of leave and extension(s) of time are subject to the overall limits of the prevailing Leave of Absence policy.

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