Students who wish to withdraw from a course after the designated drop/add period for a term should initiate the withdrawal procedure with the instructional department and their advisor. Instructors who wish to withdraw a student from a course because of excessive absences should initiate the withdrawal procedure within the instructional department. (The term “excessive absences” is defined in the syllabus for the course.) A student who fails to drop a course during the drop/add period for the term may withdraw from the course through the ATHENA system. The system will notify the instructor of the course, who will assign a grade of W or WF. No refund for a reduction in hours due to individual course withdrawals is authorized. Only credit hour reductions effected by the drop/add process will generate a refund.

Students who withdraw from a course should be aware of the fact that a reduction in their course load because of withdrawal may affect their assistantship, financial aid, athletic eligibility, and/or full-time student status. Students should contact the appropriate office if they have questions about the impact of their withdrawal from a course.

A graduate student who withdraws from a course or is withdrawn by the instructor for excessive absences prior to the midpoint of a semester is assigned a grade of W or WF by the instructor. A student who withdraws or is withdrawn for excessive absences after the midpoint of the semester (date to be specified in the Schedule of Classes) is assigned a grade of WF, except in those cases in which the student is doing satisfactory work and the withdrawal is recommended by the Office of Student Affairs because of emergency or health reasons.

A grade of W signifies that the student was passing the course at the time of withdrawal. Such a grade, even if the course was withdrawn from for medical reasons, does not relieve the student from the regular probation.


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