Please remember that it is Board of Regents policy that all fees (mandatory and elective) are payable upon registration. The payment deadlines for each semester are available on the Bursar’s website. Payments must be made by the deadline specified to avoid late fees and schedule cancellation.

Late Fees: Failure to make payment by the due date indicated on the student account summary will result in late fees. A late fee of $50 is assessed to the student account the day following the due date. If payment is still outstanding by the end of the drop/add period, the late fee will increase to $100. Please review the Bursar’s Payment Deadline calendar for a schedule of late fees.

Schedule Cancellation: To avoid schedule cancellation, payment in full must be cleared by the Bursar’s Office by the due date indicated on the student account summary. Please see the Bursar’s website for the schedule of cancellation dates. Failure to make payment by these dates will result in schedule cancellation. Students receiving approval to have schedules reinstated must first pay the account balance (less original late fees assessed) at the time of schedule cancellation plus a $150 reinstatement fee prior to any reinstatement.

Deferred Payment of Fees: Board of Regents policy requires that all tuition and fees (mandatory and elective fees) be paid at the time of registration. Students who meet one of the following requirements may defer payment upon approval by the Student Accounts Department, Business Services Building, 424 East Broad Street:

  1. Students whose fees are guaranteed and will be paid by an outside agency under an agreement with the University of Georgia up to the amount authorized for a specific academic term.
  2. Students who have a University-administered loan or scholarship in process up to the amount of the aid granted for a specific academic term.
  3. Foreign students who have a certificate or other acceptable documented evidence that payment of fees will be made after a statement of fees will be made after a statement of charges for the student has been presented for payment. The deferment will be limited to the amount stated in the certificate or other document for a specified academic term.

Deferred fees will be due and payable as follows: fall semester, October 10; spring semester, March 10; summer semester, July 10.


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