The student is responsible for initiating an application for admission to candidacy so that it is filed with the dean of the Graduate School at least one full semester before the date of graduation. This application is a certification by the student’s major department that the student has demonstrated ability to do acceptable graduate work in the chosen field of study and that:

  1. all prerequisites set as a condition to admission have been satisfactorily completed;
  2. research skills requirements, if applicable, have been met;
  3. the final program of study has been approved by the advisory committee, the graduate coordinator, and the dean of the Graduate School;
  4. an average of 3.0 (B) has been maintained on all graduate courses taken and on all completed courses on the program of study (no course with a grade below C may be placed on the final program of study);
  5. written and oral comprehensive examinations have been passed and reported to the Graduate School;
  6. the advisory committee, including any necessary changes in the membership, is confirmed and all its members have been notified of their appointment;
  7. a dissertation prospectus has been approved (if required for candidacy);
  8. and the residence requirement has been met.

After admission to candidacy, a student must register for a combined total of ten hours of dissertation or other appropriate graduate credit during the completion of the degree program. Students planning to graduate the same semester they enter candidacy must be admitted to candidacy by the published deadline for candidacy during that semester and register for ten hours. The student must also meet all other deadlines for graduation in that semester. A student must register for a minimum of three hours of credit in any semester when using University facilities, and/or faculty or staff time.

Once a student has been admitted to candidacy, the department has an ethical responsibility to ensure that appropriate faculty mentorship is provided to the candidate for completion of the degree.


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