Before the end of the first year of residence of a prospective candidate for the Doctor of Philosophy degree and upon the recommendation of the departmental graduate coordinator, the dean of the Graduate School shall appoint an advisory committee for the student. The committee must consist of a minimum of three graduate program faculty members. Additional voting members may be appointed to the committee, including no more than one non-UGA faculty, who must hold the terminal degree in their field of study. If there are more than three members, there must be greater than 50% graduate faculty representation. The committee will be recommended to the dean of the Graduate School by the graduate coordinator after consultation with the student and faculty members involved.

The advisory committee, in consultation with the student, is charged with planning the student’s program of study. It is also charged with approving the program of study, arranging the comprehensive written and oral examinations, approving a subject for the dissertation, approving the completed dissertation, and approving the student’s defense of his or her research. The committee should advise the student of required research skills and other requirements.

Departmental recommendations for the advisory committee, and any replacements, shall be determined by procedures approved by a majority of the graduate faculty of the department.


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