A student must pass formal, comprehensive written and oral examinations before being admitted to candidacy for the degree. These examinations are administered by the student’s advisory committee.

The written comprehensive examination, although administered by the advisory committee, may be prepared and graded according to the procedures and policies in effect in the student’s department. The oral comprehensive examination will be an inclusive examination within the student’s field of study. An examination of the student’s dissertation prospectus (proposal) may precede or follow the oral comprehensive examination but may not take the place of the oral comprehensive examination. All members of the student’s advisory committee must be present simultaneously for the oral examination and prospectus (proposal) presentation.

The oral comprehensive examination is open to all members of the faculty and shall be announced by the Graduate School. The graduate coordinator must notify the Graduate School of the time and place of the examination at least two weeks before the date of the examination.

Following each examination, written and oral, each member of the advisory committee will cast a written vote of pass or fail on the examination. To pass each examination, the agreement of the advisory committee is achieved with no more than one dissenting vote. An abstention is not an appropriate vote for the comprehensive examination. The results of both examinations will be reported to the Graduate School within two weeks following the oral examination.


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