A preliminary program of study, developed by the major professor and the doctoral student and approved by a majority of the advisory committee, will be submitted to the graduate coordinator by the end of the student’s first year of residence. The program of study should consist of 16 or more hours of 8000- and 9000-level courses in addition to research, dissertation writing, and directed study. No grade below C will be accepted on the program of study. To be eligible for graduation, a student must maintain a 3.0 (B) average on the graduate transcript and a 3.0 (B) average on the program of study.

A final typed program of study will be submitted to the Graduate School prior to notification of the comprehensive examination. This program of study must be submitted on the proper form for approval by the advisory committee, the graduate coordinator, and the dean of the Graduate School. The final program of study must show all graduate courses relevant to the doctoral program and not just courses satisfying the minimum degree requirement. Courses from the master’s degree and courses taken at other universities should be listed in the “Relevant Master’s or Other Graduate Degree Courses” section of the program of study form. The program of study must carry a minimum of 30 hours of course work, three hours of which must be dissertation writing (9300).

The department should evaluate carefully and fully each doctoral student’s progress and qualifications at the end of the first year of study in order to advise the student whether or not to continue in the program.


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