Beyond the Professoriate: Job Search Support Resources

Cheeky Scientist: Job Search Support Resources

CV Examples – Academic Job Search (from UCSF) Applicant Material Examples from UCSF 

CV Examples – Non-Academic Job Search (from UCSF Applicant Material Examples from UCSF). Salary information and company information.

Graduate Student Resources: Job search blogs and resources from Columbia University 

Handshake: UGA’s Official Job Board (also allows access to a national network of job postings – suggest completing a profile and creating a search alert). Login at

Indeed: Use for “market discovery” – finding which companies are located in a geographic area and who is hiring.

InterSECT Job Simulations: Interactive Simulation Exercises for Career Prep/Transition Resume Enhancement Tool  

LinkedIn Learning (formerly Self-paced trainings on a range of topics (good for learning coding, graphic design, and other technical skills). Login at

Twitter: Suggest following @UGAGradCareers, industry groups, professional associations, thought leaders in one’s field of interest and other career-related accounts.

VAULT Career Insider: “Industry Guides” on a variety of different fields, plus other resources.

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