Teaching Project: The project is designed to demonstrate creativity or innovation in the teaching of a discipline. The project can take many different formats. Some examples include creation of a case study used in class, writing or making major revisions in lab manuals, creating and teaching new laboratory exercises, creating or modifying games or simulations used in class, involvement in course or curriculum revisions, effective mentoring of new TAs, or creation and use of other new teaching techniques. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the teaching project is not required, but is useful in demonstrating the scholarship of teaching and learning.

After completion of the teaching project, a brief report describing the project and its perceived effectiveness should be submitted to the Certificate director. The following examples may help you with preparing this report.

Carly Jordan – A Portfolio of Teaching and Research Scholarship

“For my teaching project, I created an online case study project for a molecular biology course. I also conducted pre- and post- surveys and quizzes to assess student learning and attitude changes. I presented this project in poster form at the National Conference for Case Study Teaching in Science.”

Christen Bradley – Activity for Teaching the Sociology of Religion

“Its most basic purpose is to teach students the sociological definition of ‘a religion.’ More than that, however, I want students to engage with the diversity of religion present in our society. I chose to use three uncommon or extreme religious groups that students were likely not overly familiar with. After the activity concludes, however, I think it is important that the instructor engages the students in discussion about the connections that can be made between the activity and the wider sociopolitical forces that influence shared images of other religious groups.” In the activity, students are divided into groups and given information on three organizations. The activity provides steps for students to delve into the concept of religion using the groups as models for discussion.

Luanna Prevost – The Medicinal Value of Plants

Her case study on the medicinal value of plants includes background material, activities, a powerpoint presentation, tips on how to use the material, worksheets, and quizzes. It has been accepted by the National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science (NCCSTS) and will be available on their website by early February.

Evelyn Basinko

My project was teaching advanced genetics and introducing interactive learning techniques such as making a simple paper model of DNA recombination and demonstrating outcomes of gene replacement. This project was designed to explain the mechanism of homologous recombination and to help visualize the double stranded nature of DNA and how it can be utilized to create mutations.”


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