The College of Public Health offers the Master of Health Administration (MHA) degree within the Department of Health Policy and Management. The MHA program is designed for students who are interested in pursuing careers in leadership and management positions in hospitals, health systems, consulting firms, and other healthcare delivery systems. The program’s goal is to provide foundational knowledge and professional skills that will prepare students for careers in healthcare administration.

Degree Awarded: MHA

Degree Code: MHA_HEAD

The MHA is the most widely accepted healthcare management degree in the United States. The MHA curriculum includes courses in the core discipline of health administration, as well as courses specific to public health. The MHA student experience is enriched with career development, events, faculty support, and hands-on learning where teamwork, problem solving, and communication skills are applied to real-life management scenarios. The program is 54 hours total, including an internship and capstone project.

School/College: College of Public Health

Rhodes Hall, Health Sciences Campus
Athens, GA 30602

Academic Department: Health Policy and Management

Wright Hall, Health Sciences Campus
Athens, GA 30602

Graduate Coordinator: Lesley Clack


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