Equips students in multiple disciplines with an ability to understand and apply principles and practices that facilitate the recognition, protection and sustainable development of cultural resources in both natural and cultural environments.

Initiated in July 1987, this certificate is available to students currently enrolled in a master’s program at UGA as well as individuals who already hold a master’s degree.

Historic Preservation Studies program objectives:

  • To develop within students an awareness of the contribution that historic resources make to the quality of environments and to the quality of life available to the general populace.
  • To foster an understanding of historic preservation needs, problems, and opportunities and the role that individual citizens can play in the protection and perpetuation of historic resources.
  • To prepare student, as citizens within their respective communities, to serve as volunteer members of citizen preservation organizations and/or government commissions and to provide informed leadership to these and any other community preservation efforts.
  • To provide students the opportunity to study historic preservation as a part of their academic program or as a supplemental educational opportunity available to those who already hold a master’s level degree.

The certificate program requires a student to complete 18 hours of credit, including 9 hours of core requirements and 9 hours selected from the historic preservation curriculum. Three hours may be satisfied by a preservation-related thesis in the student’s academic department. The thesis proposal must be jointly approved by the graduate coordinator or major professor of the student’s degree program and the Graduate Director for Studies in Historic Preservation.

Degree Awarded: CERT

School/College: College of Environment & Design

285 South Jackson Street
Athens, GA 30602


Academic Department: Historic Preservation Program

104 Denmark Hall
Athens, GA 30602-1845

Graduate Coordinator: James Reap


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