The specialist in education program is a self-contained degree program between the master’s and doctoral degrees. It provides an opportunity for advanced study for those preparing for leadership positions in their schools. Although the EdS degree may become the final degree for many individuals, obtaining this degree does not preclude the EdS graduate from later becoming a candidate for the PhD degree. Coursework and resident credit used to satisfy the EdS degree, however, cannot be used to satisfy the requirements for the PhD degree. Those who apply for the EdS should have earned a master’s degree and already be certified to teach. The program consists of 10 courses (30 hours) beyond the master’s program. The program of study for the EdS degree is planned jointly by the student and the advisor based on prior study, future goals, and within the framework described below. Courses for endorsements in ESOL, Reading, Gifted, or Educational Leadership may be included in the program of study.

Degree Awarded: EdS

Degree Code: EDS_EDUC

School/College: College of Education

Aderhold Hall

Athens, GA 30602-7101

Academic Department: Language and Literacy Education

315 Aderhold Hall

Athens, GA 30602

Graduate Coordinator: Kevin Burke

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