The graduate certificate in Interdisciplinary Qualitative Studies at the University of Georgia is among the oldest and most reputable in the world. Students are well-prepared to design and conduct qualitative studies of quality in their chosen field.

The University of Georgia’s online graduate certificate in Interdisciplinary Qualitative Studies (IQS) is designed to respond to the growing demand for national and international training in qualitative research. This program is ideal for researchers and non-degree students who would like additional preparation in designing and conducting qualitative studies, and who may be called upon to teach qualitative research methods in their institutions. Learn More »


Degree Awarded: CERT

Degree Code: CERT_2QST_ON

School/College: College of Education

Aderhold Hall

110 Carlton Street 

Athens, Georgia 30602


Academic Department: Lifelong Education, Administration, and Policy

River’s Crossing

850 College Station Road 

Athens, Georgia 30602

Graduate Coordinator: Aliki Nicolaides

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