The Department of Romance Languages offers MAs and PhDs in French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish-language cultural studies, linguistics, and literature, with a focus on interdisciplinary study, close mentorship, and professional training.

The Department of Romance Languages offers graduate courses in French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish leading to Master of Arts degrees in French, Spanish, or Romance Languages and to the Doctoral degree in Romance Languages. We are a dynamic and collaborative interdisciplinary department that favors a contextualized and integrated approach to the study of language and culture. We seek to prepare our students to enter the profession as both teachers and scholars. Our faculty comprises a range of specialists offering courses in linguistics and literature. Our students have won competitive assistantships, awards, and scholarships and go on to productive careers as teachers and researchers at secondary and university levels. For further information regarding programs, courses, faculty, students, requirements for the MA and PhD degrees, as well as our graduate handbook and more, please visit our website. Application deadline is January 8.

Students seeking the MA in Romance Languages may specialize in French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Romance Linguistics, or a combination of two or more languages. Students may choose the thesis or non-thesis option. Requirements for the MA degree with a Master’s thesis: 27 credit hours, 3 credit hours for the thesis requirement, MA exams, and an oral thesis defense. Requirements for the MA degree, non thesis option: 30 credit hours and written and oral MA exams. Most students who want a chance to teach are able to do so as departmental teaching assistants while completing their degree. A teaching assistantship offers a tuition waiver and a stipend. Out of state tuition waivers are also available for graduate students not holding an assistantship.

Additionally, the study of any two Romance languages may be combined. Students seeking an MA in Romance Languages in two languages take five courses in a major area: Italian literature, Brazilian and Portuguese literatures, French and Francophone literatures, French linguistics, Hispanic linguistics, or Spanish and Latin American literatures. Four additional courses are taken in a second Romance language. Students are guided through the program by their faculty advisor.

Degree Awarded: MA

Degree Code: MA_ROML; MA_ROML_NT (Non-Thesis)

School/College: Franklin College of Arts and Sciences

Old College
Athens, GA 30602-1732



Academic Department: Romance Languages

Gilbert Hall
Athens, GA 30602-1815

Graduate Coordinator: Alberto Villate-Isaza


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