The Department of Romance Languages offers MAs and PhDs in French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish-language cultural studies, linguistics, and literature, with a focus on interdisciplinary study, close mentorship, and professional training.

The Department of Romance Languages offers graduate courses in French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish leading to Master of Arts degrees in French, Spanish, or Romance Languages and to the Doctoral degree in Romance Languages. We are a dynamic and collaborative interdisciplinary department that favors a contextualized and integrated approach to the study of language and culture. We seek to prepare our students to enter the profession as both teachers and scholars. Our faculty comprises a range of specialists offering courses in linguistics and literature. Our students have won competitive assistantships, awards, and scholarships and go on to productive careers as teachers and researchers at secondary and university levels. For further information regarding programs, courses, faculty, students, requirements for the MA and PhD degrees, as well as our graduate handbook and more, please visit our website. Application deadline is January 8.

The PhD is offered in Romance Languages with a major in French, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish literatures, or Hispanic Linguistics. Romance Languages faculty members specialize in Italian literature, Brazilian and Portuguese literatures, French and Francophone literatures, French linguistics, Spanish and Latin American literatures, and Hispanic Linguistics including applied linguistics, discourse analysis, historical linguistics, second language acquisition, pragmatics, semantics, and sociolinguistics. Students are guided through the program by their faculty advisor and PhD students are usually awarded departmental teaching assistantships for the 4-5 years required to complete the degree.

Requirements for the degree: 12 graduate courses: 8-9 in the major field of study and 3-4 in a minor field of study in Romance Languages or another department. Students who are combining the study of two languages will take a minimum of 6 courses in the major language, a minimum of 3 courses in the minor language, and 3 additional courses to be applied to the major language, the minor language, a minor field, or any combination of these. Additional requirements include written preliminary examinations and oral defense of the examinations, 3 credit hours for the dissertation requirement, and a final oral defense of the dissertation.

With the approval of the student’s advisory committee, a student’s program of study may include isolated graduate courses outside the major or minor fields. A reading knowledge of one foreign language (exclusive of the major language and English) is required.

Degree Awarded: PhD

Degree Code: PHD_ROML

School/College: Franklin College of Arts and Sciences

Old College
Athens, GA 30602-1732


Academic Department: Romance Languages

Gilbert Hall
Athens, GA 30602-1815

Graduate Coordinator: Alberto Villate-Isaza


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