The MEd in Special Education is an advanced program for students who already have a teaching certificate. Students specialize in one of three emphasis areas: adapted curriculum and autism, birth through kindergarten/ preschool special education, general curriculum.

The Special Education Master of Education program prepares students in advanced content and applied research to design and implement curricula, services, and research across school, clinical, home, and/or community settings. The MEd in Special Education is for students entering the master’s program who have completed undergraduate training in a teacher education field and who have a teaching certificate. Students apply to the specific emphasis area of interest.

Emphasis areas:

Adapted Curriculum and Autism: An emphasis in adapted curriculum is for those interested in teaching students with moderate, severe, or profound intellectual disability and moderate to severe autism following an adapted curriculum. This adapted curriculum may include teaching functional academics, lifelong personal and social skills, vocational skills, recreational and leisure skills, and community involvement. It emphasizes training in behavior management, instructional strategies, technology-based supports, and transition skills.

Birth through Kindergarten/Preschool Special Education: An emphasis in birth through kindergarten/ preschool special education is for those interested in working with children birth through age 5 with and without disabilities. The birth through kindergarten/preschool special education emphasis promotes developmentally appropriate inclusive and collaborative teaching practices to prepare you for inclusive early learning, preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten programs as well as early intervention (birth to 3) and preschool intervention (3-5) programs.

General curriculum: An emphasis in general curriculum is for those interested in teaching students with mild disabilities who are primarily following the general curriculum. Training in this emphasis area prepares teachers to work in collaboration, inclusion, or resource models. The special education students who are most frequently served in these settings include those with behavior disorders, learning disabilities, mild intellectual disabilities, other health impaired, and some students with autism.

Degree Awarded: MEd

Degree Code: MED_SPED

School/College: College of Education

Aderhold Hall
Athens, GA 30602-7101


Academic Department: Communication Science and Special Education

Aderhold Hall
Athens, GA 30602-7152

Graduate Coordinator: Jennifer Brown


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