Sustainable Food Systems certificate expands opportunities for graduate training and faculty to collaborate across campus in research to advance agricultural & environmental sustainability, public health & nutrition, and economic & social well-being.

The Certificate in Sustainable Food Systems is available to students interested in taking an interdisciplinary approach to understanding, communicating and participating in finding solutions to the grand challenges we face for sustainable food production, access and utilization. Advances in agricultural and environmental sustainability, public health and nutrition, and economic and social well-being call for systemic and interdisciplinary research, which in turn require mechanisms for developing partnerships and collaboration. In response to these needs, the interdisciplinary graduate certificate program in Sustainable Food Systems (SFS) will expand opportunities for graduate training and faculty collaboration across several related units across campus.

Degree Awarded: CERT

Degree Code: CERT_2SFS

School/College: College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences

Conner Hall

Athens, GA 30602

Academic Department: UGA Extension - Sustainable Food Systems Initiative

Graduate Coordinator: Jennifer Jo Thompson


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