This department prepares high-quality educators for elementary, middle and high school levels. Scholars and educators within this department help shape the theory and praxis that guides literacy education, English education, foreign language education and English as a second language education.
The department boasts a strong heritage of research in and promotion of language and reading skills. Crucial research within this department continuously contributes to the development of answers to the new challenges facing students and teachers in the 21st century regarding discourse.
Department faculty have been nationally recognized for expertise within language and literacy development and education. Many have published their research and theories in books and professional journals, and have presented research findings in national conferences in areas such as critical literacy, methodology, social construction of literacy, situated learning, children’s and young adult literature, language acquisition, foreign language acquisition, discourse analysis, and teacher preparation.

Degree Awarded: MAT

Degree Code: MAT_TSOL

School/College: College of Education

Aderhold Hall

Athens, GA 30602

Academic Department: Language and Literacy Education

315 Aderhold Hall

Athens, GA 30602

Graduate Coordinator: Kevin Burke

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