The Toxicology program has students in multiple departments across campus: Physiology & Pharmacology, Environmental Health Science, Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences, Animal & Dairy Sciences, Crop & Soil Sciences, Forestry, Veterinary Biomedical & Diagnostic Imaging

Radiology (or Diagnostic Imaging) is the branch of biomedical science that deals with the use of various imaging modalities to diagnose and treat disease. The Department of Anatomy & Radiology offers a residency program in Veterinary Radiology, as well as Diagnostic Imaging courses as part of the DVM curriculum. Our Mission The mission of the Department of Anatomy and Radiology is to support College and departmental goals by providing the highest possible level of professional and graduate veterinary medical education, resident training, and clinical service in the disciplines of anatomy, histology, radiology, and animal behavior; to develop quality basic and clinical research efforts that are applicable to these fields; and, to provide outstanding veterinary service and extension efforts to the citizens of Georgia and the region.

Degree Awarded: PhD

Degree Code: 917A

The Interdisciplinary Toxicology Program at the University of Georgia is comprised of graduate students, faculty, staff scientists, and post-doctoral fellows from several departments within the University. The program is committed to a high quality graduate education and excellence in research, and both faculty and graduate students have received national recognition for their endeavors. Our goal is to provide strong interdisciplinary graduate training, research and service programs in toxicology. This is accomplished by encouraging cooperation and sharing of resources and faculty in different colleges, such as Agricultural and Environmental sciences, Ecology, Pharmacy, Public Health, and Veterinary Medicine. A coordinating committee from among these colleges directs the program.

School/College: College of Veterinary Medicine

Environmental Health Science Building
Athens, GA 30602-7371


Academic Department: Veterinary Biosciences and Diagnostic Imaging

Environmental Health Science Building
Athens, GA 30602-7389

Graduate Coordinator: John Wagner


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