This certificate offers cutting-edge, interdisciplinary training in theoretical, epistemological, and empirical scholarship on women, gender, and intersections with race, class, sexuality, and nation to non-degree, masters & Ph.D. students.

The University of Georgia Institute for Women’s Studies provides a feminist interdisciplinary perspective on women and gender. Administratively a program in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, Women’s Studies cooperates with departments of all schools and colleges of the University in developing its curriculum and programming. Traditional academic disciplines have devoted little systematic attention to issues of gender, race, class, and sexuality. In the past 30 years, feminist scholars have contributed to the reinterpretation of existing data and to the presentation of new knowledge about the diversity of women’s experiences. Through course work and outreach, the Institute for Women’s Studies offers students an opportunity to explore women’s lives in global and multicultural contexts.

Degree Awarded: CERT

Degree Code: CERT_2WMS

The Women’s Studies Program offers a 15-hour graduate certificate in Women’s Studies. The certificate is available to students who are currently pursuing a graduate degree or who already have a graduate degree. The purpose of the certificate is to expose students to the rapidly expanding interdisciplinary scholarship on women that might otherwise be neglected in their traditional curricula. Interested graduate students must first contact the program advisor to submit an application and to select an interdisciplinary program of study.

School/College: Franklin College of Arts and Sciences

Old College
Athens, GA 30602-1732


Academic Department: Institute for Women’s Studies

Gilbert Hall
210 Herty Drive
Athens, GA 30602-1802

Graduate Coordinator: Susan Thomas


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