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Endorsement in Reading Education, Online Certificate

The reading endorsement courses focus on literacy development and instruction in early childhood, content-area literacies, and new and digital literacies.

Nonprofit Management and Leadership

The Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management and Leadership is designed for students earning graduate and undergraduate degrees in other fields at UGA as well as those who are already employed in the nonprofit arena who want advanced training.

Online Teaching and Learning

Develop or enhance your online teaching skills for this ever-changing world through the new 15-credit Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching & Learning! All courses are taught by experienced faculty, offered online, and scheduled for busy graduate students & working adults.

Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Clinical Trials, Online Certificate

This web-based Certificate Program provides a foundation for individuals to manage the development and implementation of scientifically valid clinical study designs including monitoring of clinical trials and directing daily clinical trial operations

Qualitative Studies, Online Certificate

The graduate certificate in Interdisciplinary Qualitative Studies at the University of Georgia is among the oldest and most reputable in the world. Students are well-prepared to design and conduct qualitative studies of quality in their chosen field.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Endorsement, Online Certificate

Learn the latest theories, strategies and practices related to second language and multilingual education. Graduates of this program earn a stand-alone certificate of TESOL expertise which can be added to state teacher certification.

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