Raising the bar…

The Emerging Leaders Program is an invited leadership program sponsored by the Graduate School. This  program helps you learn from experts and fellow graduate students what it means to challenge yourself to be the best leader you can be. During the two and half day fall workshop, you’ll attend sessions about professional development and leadership skills necessary for entering a workplace characterized by a diversity of people, career opportunities, and ever increasing responsibilities. Participants will develop action projects on campus and in the community during the spring semester.

Enhancing your skills…

The workshop, held off-campus during Fall Break, will assist participants with not only understanding professional goals and leadership styles, but also with gaining personal insights. Through personality inventories that provide information about leadership preferences and interactive sessions, you will leave the workshop with practical knowledge about yourself and your abilities to lead. Following the fall workshop, participants will have the opportunity to demonstrate their leadership skills through planning and implementing an action project.

Whether you plan to pursue a career in academe, corporate, or non-profit worlds, learning more about yourself will strengthen the skills you already possess and help you bring into focus what you want out of life after commencement.

Making new friends…

During the intensive fall workshop, you’ll meet fellow graduate students from all disciplines on campus. Networking with your future professional peers will give you built-in contacts when you leave UGA. And you may just make some friends for life! Learning from others, teaching others, and looking to the next stage in your life – the Graduate School Emerging Leaders Program provides all this, and much, much more. Apply for this program and start preparing for your personal and professional futures today!

Read the Emerging Leaders program description.

Apply to the Emerging Leaders Program

Application deadline for the Spring 2022 Emerging Leaders Program is 5 p.m. on Monday, January 3, 2022.  The application form (3 pages) and CV or resume can be submitted by the applicant.  The letter of recommendation can be written and submitted by the advisor or the Graduate Coordinator.   See the Program Description for complete submission information. For additional information, please contact Judy Milton, jmilton@uga.edu

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