Graduate School Research Assistantship Block Grants (GSRA)

GSRA block grants are used to support incoming Ph.D., MLA, MHA or MFA students. Graduate School Research Assistantships are awarded to highly qualified students and provide a 4-year support package for selected students. As shown in the table below, the Graduate School provides support for an incoming student in year 01 of training, the school/ college/ institute supports the student in years 02 and 03 of training, and the Graduate School supports Ph.D. students again in year 04 of training (assuming they have advanced to candidacy; only one year of support for MFA or MLA students).

For the entering class of Fall 2018, the Graduate School will provide $24,258 per slot Ph.D. / MFA student, which can be used to support more than one recipient, with the understanding that year 04 support will only flow to students who were supported in year 01. In years two and three, schools/colleges/institutes are welcome to supplement this amount.  However, they must pay at least the minimum amount of $24,258 to one student, through the mechanism(s) that best suit their needs.  In year four, the Graduate School will provide $24,258 to support the recipient’s as a Graduate Research Assistant, assuming he/ she has advanced to candidacy.

Year in Training Source of Support
1 Graduate School Block Grant
2 Unit
3 Unit
4 Graduate School Block Grant*

*Assuming the student has advanced to candidacy