Congratulations! You have a new grant award and now you are ready to take full advantage of the Voluntary Incentive Program (VIP) offered by UGA’s Graduate School! Here are the steps to follow to receive the funding to be used for additional Ph.D. Graduate Assistantship(s)

  1. Once the award notice has been received from the agency and the PI has been awarded the grant, notification will be sent to the PI from Sponsored Program Administration via email.
  2. Your departmental financial representative must submit a RIAS or RIAT waiver in Grad Status at for any student who will be supported on the grant. (Instructions for entering the waiver is located at
  3. Your departmental financial representative must complete a “RIAS/RIAT Charge to Account Form” to pay the tuition for each student supported by the grant. The link for the form is located at
  4. Please note that the “RIAS/RIAT Charge to Account Form” should be submitted directly to Student Accounts (please do not submit this form to the Graduate School). NOTE: To recoup the assistantship funds in the amount of 1.5 times the base tuition rate, the student’s instate tuition must be charged on the grant. 
  5. To track departments participating in the VIP Program and provide a better method for carry forward of these funds, fund code 10500 and a class code 11805 must be used with all transactions. This class code has been setup to identify all RIAS/RIAT funds allocated to departments.
  6. When picking up the incentive funds, units will send the following information to the University of Georgia Budget Office @
    • Requested amount and the breakdown of who the in-state tuition was for and the semester in which it was paid
    • The corresponding restricted chart string that was charged
    • The chart string the unit would like the funds transferred into. NOTE: This needs to be a 10500 tuition fund code with a 11805 class code
    • The Budget Office will then verify the information and initiate the transfer
  7. Once funding has been transferred to the new departmental number to support additional doctoral graduate assistant(s), your departmental budget representative will follow the HR guidelines to hire the student(s) and place them in a seat.   A DPAS exemption must be requested through Grad Status for all additional doctoral graduate assistant(s). Instructions to request a DPAS exemption is located at  NOTE: VIP funding may only be used to cover the cost of an assistantship for additional PhD student(s) and should be used within one year of receipt. Ex: if funds are received in the August 2020, you have until July 2021 to spend the funds.

For additional information, please contact Tonia Austin-Brown at or 706-542-6269

Updated 02/12/2020

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