Dear Colleagues:

This memo is to follow up on a previous communication (dated March 25, 2019) regarding payment of graduate assistants. Our goal is to clarify issues that have been raised by that communication.

  • As stated in that communication, we no longer have an academic payroll process for graduate assistants. Rather, they will be hired and paid by fiscal year (as per other university employees). This does not mean that you must change the length of service or compensation of your graduate assistants. You can hire your graduate assistants at any time and should align their hire and termination dates with the work being accomplished. Depending on hire/ termination date, your graduate assistants’ compensation will be prorated.
  • Your graduate assistants’ compensation should be aligned with your published fiscal year rates. The Graduate School will collect this information later this month during budget development.
  • Your offer letters should clearly indicate each graduate assistant’s total compensation, broken down by months (including any deviations in monthly compensation, due to prorating). For example, if your graduate assistant will receive full monthly compensation for the months of Sept. – April but will work only a portion of August and May, this should be clearly stated in the offer letter (start/ termination dates and compensation in both the full and partial months). We’ve developed a compensation calculator (see attached) to help you with this process.
  • We realize that some departments have already sent offer letters to their graduate assistants. We recommend that you follow up with an addendum to clarify their pay schedule. Please note that the examples in the previous communication were only meant to be instructive. You should align your graduate assistants’ hiring and termination dates and compensation with the work they are performing.

We highly recommend that you work with your business office when you prepare your offer letters, to ensure that they are consistent with the new policies and procedures that are required by Onesource UGA. We are planning an information session about the new graduate assistant payment procedures. Please watch for an email invitation sometime in May.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Tonia Austin-Brown at


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