Recruitment efforts at the graduate-level are decentralized and spearheaded by departments and graduate programs.  The Graduate School’s Office of Recruitment and Diversity Initiatives (RDI) provides information on graduate education at UGA to prospective and admitted applicants as well as to assist graduate programs in their recruitment efforts.  Additionally, RDI showcases campus-wide offerings through recruitment and yield (after the student has been admitted) events such as Exploring Graduate Education (fall) and Accepted Students Day (spring, summer). Please see the attached, printable Faculty and Staff Flier to learn all about how RDI can assist you in your recruitment efforts.  A sampling of what we offer is listed below.

RDI also hosts a suite of diversity recruitment programming and initiatives.  For more information, please see here.

Graduate School Brochure

Every year RDI updates our brochure on graduate education at UGA. To view the 2021 – 2022 Graduate School brochure, please click here. As the brochure includes the latest information on how to apply, useful statistics regarding graduate education to promote in your marketing materials, information on extended campuses, and explains our diversity initiatives, we highly recommend that you post a link to the brochure on your webpage.

GradSlate CRM

The GradSlate CRM is a centralized system used by the Graduate School that enables graduate programs to store information on prospective applicants, send strategic and synchronized email communications, track prospective applicants as they move through the recruitment funnel, and administratively assist graduate programs with hosting events. To learn more, please visit the GradSlate webpage.

Recruitment Enhancement Grants

The Graduate School offers financial assistance to departments in the form of Recruitment Enhancement Grants that provide funds directly to support recruitment efforts. This is a proposal driven process in which departments individually develop, implement, and assess strategic recruitment plans. The call for proposals is announced early in the fall semester.

Graduate School Dashboard (in conjunction with the Office of Institutional Research)

To view graduate program application and enrollment, please go to the Graduate School Dashboard.

Listserv versus MS Teams

RDI communicates via the Graduate Coordinators Listserv, which is restricted to Graduate Coordinators and Graduate Coordinator Assistants, to send out announcement on upcoming Graduate School recruitment events and initiatives.

RDI communicates via MS Teams, which anyone can join, to send out one-off pieces, articles, best practices, etc. on graduate student recruitment. Within the main team channel, we also have sub channels focused on a particular topic such as diversity and retention. MS Teams is also a place for faculty and staff to pose questions to the larger UGA campus graduate recruitment community about departmental and program-level ideas and initiatives. To join the MS Teams channel, please contact Lisa Sperling (


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