Department websites are critically important in recruiting and enrolling the best graduate students in your programs. Having the right information easily accessible to future students is essential. The information students find on your websites can make the difference in whether they decide to apply to and attend graduate school at UGA. The resources on this page are intended to assist you in thinking about how to organize your program’s website and provide essential content for future students.

The videos and Powerpoints of two workshops held in Fall 2013 can be viewed using your UGA MyID to access the files and QuickTime to stream the video online.

Evaluating What People Think and Do When They Visit Your Program Website

Most prospective graduate students are frequent users of websites and as a result they have high expectations for usability and utility. Graduate program websites can be designed to attract interested students and enable them to find important information easily. Is the user-friendliness of your Graduate Program website optimized? In this workshop, Tom Reeves provided examples of good and bad web design and described how some inexpensive evaluation strategies can be used to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of your websites.

Dr. Thomas Reeves’ presentation:

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Your Presenter: Dr. Thomas C. Reeves (Tom) is Professor Emeritus of Learning, Design, and Technology in the College of Education at The University of Georgia. He is former Fulbright Lecturer in Peru and he has been an invited speaker in the USA and 30 other countries. His books include Interactive Learning Systems Evaluation (co-authored with John Hedberg), A Guide to Authentic E-Learning book (co-authored with Jan Herrington and Ron Oliver), and Conducting Educational Design Research (co-authored with Susan McKenney).

Colleges Rehab Their Web Sites for Major Payoffs Resource article provided by Tom Reeves.

Writing Right for the Web – Enhancing Recruitment Efforts through Program Websites

The workshop was designed to assist faculty and staff in creating and editing website content. Topics included:

  • How people read online
  • Basics of direct marketing copy style
  • Length of sentences and paragraphs
  • Use of subheads and bullet points
  • Importance of the first sentence
  • The danger of using PDFs and “flip” technology to display print magazines and view books online
  • Basic pointers for search engine optimization that writers can implement

Examples of higher ed websites that “write right for the web” were used throughout the workshop. The workshop featured examples selected from “best practice” college and university websites.

Dr. Bob Johnson’s presentation:

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  • Please click here to download the PowerPoint presentation.

Your Presenter: Dr. Bob Johnson, president of Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC, has worked with 71 colleges, universities, and professional associations since 2006 to develop strong online marketing communication strategies. A frequent speaker at professional meetings and online conferences, his topics include “Writing Right for the Web”, mobile marketing, web analytics, best practices for online communications, and building websites for brand engagement. Bob has delivered conference workshops not only in the United States, but also in Australia, Canada, Denmark, and Germany. Previously, he had held college and university leadership positions in marketing and enrollment for more than 25 years.

Designing Program Websites to Attract the Best Doctoral Students

The importance of websites in recruiting and retaining the best students was identified in the work on the Doctoral Completion project, which began in 2004. A faculty-led workshop shared information about different aspects of their program websites designed to help future students make decisions about applying and attending UGA.

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