Can I still apply to graduate school at UGA for this fall?
There are different application deadlines depending upon the academic program and whether you want to be considered for a graduate assistantship. Additionally, some graduate programs only admit students during specific semesters. For specific information, please visit our application deadlines page. International applicants must meet Graduate School application deadlines to allow adequate time for credential review and to obtain visa paperwork. Applications submitted after the Graduate School application deadlines for this semester will be considered for the following semester.
Will UGA be open for in-person classes this fall?
The University of Georgia is anticipating a resumption of in-person instruction for the fall semester beginning in August 2020. However, we would emphasize that this situation remains a fluid one, as the University System of Georgia monitors developments related to COVID-19 and receives counsel from state public health officials. Guidance is subject to change, even after our plans are put in place. Students will be notified about changes or adjustments, if necessary. For the latest update on how the UGA Graduate School is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit the link for Graduate School FAQ.


Application Questions

How do I know whether my application is complete?
You will receive an email from Enterprise Information Technology Services (EITS) with information to create your MyID within a few business days after submitting your online application and fee. Please follow the instructions in this email and keep the email for future reference. You will need your MyID to access the Grad Status portal to check your application status. You can access the portal at If you do not receive an email from EITS within 5 business days, please contact the EITS Help Desk directly at or 706-542-3106. If you need clarification about department-specific application requirements, please contact your academic department.
How do I accept my offer of admission?
Please email and the contact person in your department.
Can I defer my application to spring or fall 2021?
Applicants are eligible for a one-time deferment without filing a new application and application fee. Requests should be made in writing to
If I defer, will I still be able to keep my assistantship?
If you decide to defer your admissions offer to a later semester, your graduate assistantship will not necessarily transfer. To verify, please contact the department that offered you a graduate assistantship.
If I have previously deferred my admission from fall 2019 to fall 2020, can I still request a deferral to fall 2021?
Yes. The Graduate Admissions office can defer your application to a later term. Please email your request to
How do I let UGA know that I won’t be attending in the fall?
Please email and the contact person in your department.


International Students

Where can I find information about international student visas?
For immigration related questions, please call the Office of Global Engagement at (706) 542-2900 or email For the latest update on Immigration Status and Services at UGA, please see Incoming International Students.
Can I still enroll this fall if the transfer of the F-1 SEVIS record is delayed?
A transfer of your SEVIS record to UGA should not be affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. Please be in touch with both your current immigration advisor and our office at UGA to effect a timely transfer of your SEVIS record.
I am an international student and my undergraduate institution is currently closed. Can I still enroll if I cannot submit my transcripts?
The Graduate Admissions office can allow you to register for the first semester without the official transcript and proof of degree. Please email to request a transcript hold deferral form. You will be required to submit the official transcript and proof of degree prior to the second semester of enrollment.
Can international students start the fall semester online due to COVID19?
Normally international students are limited to only 3 credits of online courses toward their full-time course load. Updated guidance issued from the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (eff. March 9, 2020) and the U.S. Department of State, (eff. March 11, 2020) allow a temporary relaxation of the limits on international F-1 and J-1 students’ enrollment in online classes. The guidance allows international students to enroll full-time in online-only classes as opposed to in-person classes, if this is required by their institutions due to Covid-19 concerns. The students must still maintain full time enrollment and must complete all online classes.


Georgia Residency

How can I establish Georgia Residency?
For more information on policies of the State of Georgia Board of Regents for all incoming students to the University of Georgia, please visit Georgia Residency Policy.


Funding & Financial Aid

What is the cost of attendance and cost of living in Athens?
For more information on cost of attendance and cost of living at the University of Georgia, please visit the link to Office of Student Financial Aid.
How much financial aid am I eligible for? Who can I contact to learn more about financial aid?
For more information on financial aid, please visit the link to Useful Resources for Prospective Students to review the Financial Aid for Graduate School Presentation.
Where can I learn more about my assistantship? What if I haven’t heard whether I will be offered an assistantship?
If you have not heard about your assistantship, you should contact your department.
If I wasn’t provided an assistantship by my graduate program, are there other resources for available funding?
For more information on available funding, please visit the link to the Graduate School Financial Information page.
What are the tax implications of my assistantship/fellowship?
Depending upon the type of financial award you receive, you may have to pay state and/or federal tax. For more information, contact the Bursar’s Office. International students should also contact the International Student Life Office for details regarding their annual tax sessions.
I am having issues with the FAFSA website. Who should I contact?
For assistance with the FAFSA website, please visit the link to FAFSA Help Center.



Is housing available on campus for graduate students? How do I find off-campus housing?
UGA Family and Graduate Housing has 578 unfurnished apartment units available each year to rent. If you would prefer to live off campus or are unable to secure an apartment in UGA Family and Graduate Housing, consider using online classifieds, such as the Athens Banner-Herald or Flagpole, to identify potential properties or property management companies. For more information on housing, please visit Useful Resources for Prospective Students.


Registration for Fall Classes

What courses are being offered and when is registration?
Most departments require that you be advised for courses prior to registering for classes. Contact your graduate program to obtain clearance for registration; then register via the ATHENA online registration system accessible via MyUGA using your MyID. Make sure you are aware of your department’s policies. Furthermore, it is important that you obtain information about your department’s core requirements (if any) and register for the classes that begin to satisfy those requirements. NOTE: International students must visit the Office of Global Engagement before registering for classes to set up their files and obtain registration clearance.


Necessary Documentation for Summer & Fall Enrollment

What medical records are needed and where should they be sent?
All accepted applicants who are new to the University of Georgia must fill out an immunization and health history form prior to their first registration. This is submitted to University Health Services. More information is available on the UHS website. For more information on health related questions, please visit the link to Useful Resources for Prospective Students to review the University Health Center presentation.
I am having trouble getting some vaccine boosters. How late can I turn this paperwork in?
For more information on health related questions, please visit the link to Useful Resources for Prospective Students to review the University Health Center Presentation.
As a Double Dawg, is there anything I need to do before I enter the master’s program?
For more information on Double Dawg requirements, please email or call the relevant undergraduate or graduate contact person before entering a master’s program. If you need additional assistance after speaking with the undergraduate or graduate contact person, please contact the Double Dawgs program at



Will an Orientation for graduate students be held?
The Graduate School Orientation will be held in a virtual format to provide the most relevant information for incoming students in a safe environment.
Where can I learn more details about the Graduate School Orientation?
Details about the Graduate School Orientation will be available on the Graduate School website in late May.
Do individual graduate programs hold orientations and are these required?
For more information, consult your academic department.



What does a typical graduate student day look like?
For more information on graduate student life, please visit the link to Useful Resources for Prospective Students to review the Life in Athens resource and listen to the perspective of current graduate students via the Zoom Presentation resources.
Is there a virtual tour that I could watch?
For more information, please visit the link to Visit UGA.

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