Application Tracking

Program Coordinators can keep track of Applications in their Populations throughout the review process, even after they have been recommended and moved out of the Program Review set of Bins. On the Slate homepage, click on the Programs tab (only visible for Program Coordinators) and click the link Applications by User’s Populations.

On the page that appears, click the Run Query button and you will be presented with a list of Applications at any stage of review (as long as they have been submitted). Clicking on any record displays the detail of that record.

In this list, you can see Current Bin, Application Status, and Decision (which will appear if the Application Status = Decided). Decision = Admit means that an offer for admission has been released; Decision = Admit/Matric means that the applicant has replied accepting the offer; Decision = Admit/Decline means that the applicant has replied declining the offer.

You can get into more detail by using the Search box at the top right of any Slate menu to search for the applicant. This opens the applicant’s dashboard, which has a Tab labeled with the Program to which they have applied. There is also a Download PDF link on the right side of this dashboard.

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