Application Tracking

During Program Review

Early in an application cycle, Program Coordinators can watch Application numbers move from the Awaiting Materials Bin to the Program Pre-Screening Bin. If the number of Applications in either Bin grows too large to keep track of, review the FAQ on Sorting and Filtering to focus your attention.

Program Coordinators can also keep track as new Applications are created (not necessarily submitted). On the GradSlate homepage, under the Applications section of the Programs tab, use the Query New Applications by User’s Populations to show you the new Applications that have been created since the last time you looked.


New Applications are usually not ready for review, so Program Coordinators can also track the receipt of Materials on Applications to gauge their readiness for review. Another Query in the Applications section of the Program tab on the GradSlate homepage is New Materials Received in the Past Week. Run this Query at least once a week to see the new Materials that have come in for your Applications.

If your Program requires a minimum number of letters of recommendation (LoR) to make a decision, another Query allows you to track those for all your submitted Applications. Run the Application LoR Summary Query to identify those Applications for which LoR have been received or are still outstanding.

These Queries are discussed in more detail in the FAQ about Keeping Up with New Submissions.

After Program Recommendation

Once the Program Coordinator has submitted a Program Recommendation and moved the Application to the GS Router Bin, the Application moves into the Graduate School review workflow and is no longer viewable in the Reader Bins available to programs. Another Query is available to allow the Program Coordinator to keep track of the Application’s progress. Also in the Applications section of the Programs tab on the GradSlate homepage is the Query called Applications by User’s Populations. This Query lists essential information about all your Applications, regardless of where they are in the review workflow. Clicking the link and clicking on Run Query generates a list of Applications in your Populations:

(If useful, you can export this entire list as an Excel spreadsheet using the Export button.)

You can see that these Applications are in various Current Bins and have various Application Statuses. If their status is Decided, then they also have a Decision and sometimes a Reason. You can see more detail about these Decisions in the FAQ on Tracking Decisions.

To see more detail about a given Application, click on the row in this table and, on the panel that pops up, click on Lookup Record. This will take you to the dashboard of the Application tab on the Person Record of this applicant. The current status of the Application is displayed on the top line of the dashboard.

After Admission Decision

Once the Graduate School has made a final admission decision on an Application, the Decision is “Released” (i.e., the applicant has access to the decision letter through their Status Portal) and the Application is moved to the Decision Released Bin (see Bin structure on Application Status, Bins, and Workflow). Program Coordinators have access to this Bin in their Reader view and this is the place to review all the Decisions Released for your Applications. Once again, you can see the entire Application and its review by using the standard Reader functions.


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