Counselor Guide:  ARCHE Cross-Registration

Atlanta Regional Council for Higher Education (ARCHE) Cross Registration

ARCHE’s Cross Registration Program allows students at member institutions to broaden their academic experience by registering for courses at other member colleges and universities. These courses are typically not offered at their home institution. Registration is handled through a student’s home institution via their Cross Registration Coordinator. Aaron Weimer ( in the Registrar’s Office is UGA Coordinator. He is the UGA point of contact between the sending institution and UGA.


Cross Registration applicants should complete an abbreviated Graduate Admissions Application on GradSlate. The Program/Term Selection page should be completed for the desired term as shown below:

Graduate Admissions will waive the application fee. The applicant should choose “Fee Waiver” as their payment method and “ARCHE Cross Registration” as the Fee Waiver Type. Upload of the ARCHE Cross Registration application from their sending institution (or an email from Aaron Weimer) will suffice as documentation for the fee waiver request.

Counselor Review

Once the Application is submitted, the application fee needs to be waived and the Checklist item cleared. On the Application tab of the Person Record, add a New Activity, choose Payment for Code, then select the radio button Payment Waived. Add “ARCHE Cross Reg” as a Private Comment and Save.

Next, under the Checklist section of the Application tab, mark the “Transient Letter of Good Standing from current institution” as Received. This will complete the file.

Wait 15 minutes for the Application Status to change from Awaiting Payment to Awaiting Decision (or you may Force Execute a Rules Refresh on the record to speed this up).

Next, click the Workflows link in the Right Navigation Pane on the Application tab and Edit the Default Workflow to place the file in the Program Recommendation Pending Bin.

Todd Dorsey acts as Program Coordinator for these Applications (Population = NON_GM-ARCH). Once a Program Recommendation is submitted, they will move into the appropriate GS Screening Bin.

There is no need for the normal GS review of these Applications. Instead, go to the Application tab of the Person Record and under the Decisions section, enter a New Decision of Admit, then execute the Decision Flow (choose the Admit template for the Letter, Confirm and Release the Decision).

Post-Decision Workflows

  1. VLP.  The student can upload a VLP document in their Status Portal. Sometimes Aaron Weimer will request the document directly from the student and end their VLP hold on his own.
  1. Banner Enrollment Priority. The GS Counselor should add a SOAHOLD in Banner to flag for “One Semester Transient Only” with a start date of approximately a month after the first day of classes.

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