Can a Program Coordinator see a summary of reviewer evaluations of their Applications?

It is helpful to be able to quickly monitor the Application review by your Program Reviewers. Assuming this review is conducted within GradSlate (in the Reader), you have access to a query that will provide a summary of the responses on the Program Reviewer Evaluation forms associated with each Application.

In the Applications section of the Programs tab on the GradSlate homepage, choose the Application Reviewer Evaluation Summary link, then click the Run Query button on the page that appears.

This query shows the Program Reviewers who have submitted a form, the scores (ratings) assigned by each reviewer, and calculates the average score. The comments entered by the reviewers are also provided.

(This list can be exported as an Excel spreadsheet by using the Export button.) Click on any individual Application record to see everything in that record:

Use the Lookup Record link to see the complete review forms.

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