How does a Program Coordinator keep up with new submissions?

Program Coordinators have access to a set of queries that help them identify new Applications and keep up with receipt of new materials on existing Applications in their Populations. On the Slate homepage, open the Programs tab to see the query links in the Applications section.

New Applications by User’s Populations

As its name implies, this query generates the same type of output as the Applications by User’s Populations query, but it only lists those Applications that were newly created since the last time the query was run (on your Populations). (The first time you run the query, it will list all Applications in your Populations.) For this type of query, each run of the query is logged so that it can be retrieved if necessary.

When you click the link, the page on which you run the query also contains a list of previous runs (by all Program Coordinators). Click on any of those runs to see the query output. Click Run Query to run it again and a new run will be created in the list. You can run this as frequently as you like; if there are no new Applications since the last run, no record will be created.

New Materials Received in Past Week

Knowing that new Applications have been created is useful, but a lot has to happen before the Application is ready for review. A number of documents need to be attached (Slate calls these ‘Materials’, including Statement of Purpose, Résumé, Transcripts, etc.; note that letters of recommendation are handled separately in the next query discussed). This query provides a means to identify those Applications for which new Materials have been uploaded (within the last 7 days). This implies that, during the active part of admissions season, you should run this query at least once a week to keep up with developing Applications.

Clicking the link in the Programs tab of the homepage, then clicking Run Query on the resulting page, generates a list of all Applications in your Populations that have had Materials uploaded within the past week.

Materials are divided into three categories:  Transcripts, This Application (these are documents that apply only to this application), and General (documents associated with the Person, across any of their Applications).

Clicking on any Application record in this list gives you a more detailed look at the Materials and the date received, and allows you to go to their detailed record (Lookup Record) to examine the Materials.

Application LoR Summary

Applicants list references in their Application and upon submission, those references are contacted (by the system) and are asked to upload a letter of recommendation (LoR). In addition, these LoR are added as Checklist Items that are tracked by the system on the Application and on the applicant’s Status Portal.

This query reports on these LoR Checklist Items. For all Applications in your Populations, it counts how many LoRs are required and how many have been received. Clicking the link in the Programs tab, then clicking the Run Query button, generates a list of Applications, sorted by Intended Term. Within a Term, they are sorted by how many LoR are still outstanding (not yet received). This places the “more complete” Applications at the top of the Term list.

The query results also list the Recommenders and Recommendations. For a more detailed view of these, click on any record to see the list of recommendations. Use the Lookup Record link to go to the detailed Application. Look for ‘Reference’ in the Materials section to examine any LoR.

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