How does a Program Coordinator request access for additional faculty/staff Users?

To be able to use GradSlate for graduate application review, Users must be assigned Roles (Program Coordinator, Program Reviewer, Program Reader) in specific Populations. The first step in this process is to provide these faculty/staff with GradSlate User accounts.

To request a User account for a UGA faculty/staff who doesn’t already have access to GradSlate, use the Request to Add New User link, which is found in the Users/Roles section of the Programs tab on the GradSlate homepage.

This link brings up a form to fill out to submit the request (below). Red asterisks indicate required fields.

Once the form is submitted, it may take a day or two to get the User account created. The new User will receive an email to alert them that they have a new account on Slate.

Assignment of Users to specific Populations (Programs and Areas of Emphasis) is currently handled by submission of a spreadsheet. Use this template and submit to


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