How can I manage the long list of Applications in a Reader Bin? Sorting & Filtering

If you end up with too many Applications in a Reader Bin to allow you to easily focus on the ones of interest, you have several options to restore your focus.


Clicking on any Bin takes you to the Reader Search tab and displays several columns of data for all the Applications in that Bin. By default, the Applications are sorted by Applicant name.

Clicking on the column heading of any of the other columns re-sorts based on values in that field and displays a triangle icon pointing up. This indicates an ascending sort. If you would prefer to sort in a descending order, click the triangle icon and it will invert the values in that field. For example, if you want to sort by Program Recommendation Date in reverse chronological order, click the Program Rec column heading, then click the triangle icon. Or, if you want to sort by Program(- Emphasis), click that heading:


In the right panel, clicking on the Filter button pops up a panel that shows all the fields you can use to create a filter so that you only see the Applications you need at this time (i.e., this filters only your view of Applications). In the Filter panel, fields are grouped into sections and you can use the Search box to find a field of interest. For example, if you want to restrict your view to only Applications to a specific program, choose the Intended Program field and click Continue.

You will see a list of all Programs, from which you can select the Program of interest (use the Search if necessary):

Clicking on Save applies the filter and restricts your Application view:

You can build Boolean combinations for your Filter. For example, if you only wanted to see those Applications for the MAT_EGED Program that are applying for Summer 2021, open the Filter panel again, select the field Intended Term (search for it), set the value to Summer 2021, and Save.

Two fields adjacent implies .AND. Boolean logic (Applications must have both this Intended Program and this intended Term). You can also build more complex logic using the parentheses, the .OR. and the .NOT. selections in the Filter.

You can remove or edit a Filter by hovering over the box that was created and clicking the X or pencil icon, respectively.


Sometimes you may be looking for a particular Application. The Search box at the top of the right panel allows you to find Applications by applicant name. Your search text must be one or more characters at the beginning of any of the applicant’s names (first, middle, last).

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