How does a Program Coordinator upload supplemental documents (materials) to an Application in their Populations?

You can use the Search box in the upper right of the Slate menu to find the Person Record for the Application in question. Open the Application tab and click the Material Upload link at the bottom of the first section of the Overview

(Note that the Material Upload page opens in a new browser tab; when finished uploading, you can just close the tab to get back to the Person Record.)

Currently, you have the ability to upload six Material Types:  Departmental Assistantship Offer Letter; Departmental Supplemental Application; Departmental Email (communications with this applicant outside of Slate); Departmental Acceptance Offer Letter; External Letter of Recommendation; Departmental Miscellaneous Document.

In each case, you click on Choose File, find the document on your computer, then click Submit. You should then see the uploaded document in the Materials section of the Application tab, in the Materials tab on this Person Record, and in the Reader.

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