How can a Program Coordinator track Decisions on Applications in their Populations after they leave the Reader?

Program Coordinators have access to a query that returns the status of all Applications in their Populations. On the Slate homepage, open the Programs tab and click the link Applications by User’s Populations (in the Applications section).

On the page that opens, click Run Query and you will see a list of all Applications in your Populations (that may be split among multiple pages):

(If you prefer, you may export this list as a spreadsheet by leaving Excel Spreadsheet as the Output and clicking the Export button.)

This list indicates Application Status and Decision, which are interpreted below. If you want to see more detail about any particular Application, click on the applicant’s record, and on the panel that appears, click the Lookup Record link.

Access to Decision Letter

For Applications that have a Decision, this gives you access to the offer letter. Once in the Application tab, scroll down until you see the Decisions section, then click on the Admit (or Deny) Decision and a new panel will open showing details of the Decision. The text of the letter is in the right margin; use the Expand Preview link at top right to see a more formal version of the letter.

Explanation of Application Status and Decision

Application Status

Awaiting Submission Application has been created but not yet submitted
Awaiting Payment Application has been submitted but application fee is not yet paid
Awaiting Materials Fee is paid but not all required materials have been uploaded
Awaiting Decision All materials received and in the Reader review process
Decided A final decision has been made and is being processed


Decision (only available on Applications with Decided Status)

Admit Applicant has been offered admission
Admit/Matric Applicant has replied accepting offer of admission
Admit/Decline Applicant has replied declining offer of admission
Withdraw Applicant has withdrawn the Application
Deny Applicant was denied admission


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